The Troops Push the Front

Hey all, it has been a long haul for us these last two months. We’ve been working hard on an all new set up and an all new master mix. We were able to hook up with some old band mates to help with drum tracks and mixes, very exciting stuff. Things are coming along nicely and sounding good. We hope to have something new out next month, so stay tune.

Farewell to Icepick

Our long time drummer and drum mix programmer Icepick has decided to move on from Chillborn. We have had several good years and lots of fun. We wish him all the best in his new his new adventures.

Farewell quote from Icepick:

“HEY!” to all those born from the cold. I would just like to tell all the chillborn fans that I love them and thanks for all the headbanging, eardrum bursting nights. Thanks for all your support and friendship. I need to move on from music for a while and deal with some new circumstances of mine. I hope one day soon I can pick up my favorite part of life again, rockin-out. Peace!

We already have a couple drummers we are looking at to fill the spot. So we don’t think we will be out of the scene for long. Besides, this might give us a chance to to remix some old songs as we get back into the groove.

Anyway, BEST WISHES TO ICEPICK you will be missed.

-Mr. Chills

What is in the Future?


We are about to release one of our original songs from back in the day, The Twilight Zone. We were never able to get this song recorded right for the longest time. Look for this song next week.


We have had a few people ask about our instrumental songs that we usually open shows with. These songs are what we like to call the “Penelope Songs”. Currently there are four songs and one that we have already released to download called “Penelope’s Castle” – a fan favorite. So we have decided to get these songs recorded in the studio. Look for their releases in over the next few months.


Private Shows. Yes our local shows are usually very private and by word of mouth only. So you sort of have to know someone who knows someone. That being said we are planning 2 or 3 private shows over the next two months. Stay tune.


Here is a full list of the current songs we have slated for a studio releases for the next few months:

  • Hooker on Parade
  • She Bop (Cover)
  • I Love Rock and Roll (Cover)
  • The Creek
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Penelope’s Thrill

Yes, two cover songs, but people have been asking us for an MP3.

The Twilight Zone

Monsters watching on Maple Street
Endless sun throwing searing heat
Janet’s mutilation operation
Two left alive looking for salvation
Toy phone call ringing from the dead
Spaceship e-89 landing ahead
Children lost in the 4th dimension
Decker’s final flight filled with tension

The twilight zone
Take my hand and we’re off to see it we want to feel it
The twilight zone

Menacing slick black killer car
Willy a wood terror leaves a scar
Talky Tina has something to say
Denton’s fast draw to win the day
One armed bandit is hunting you down
Shooting pool for hell’s eternal crown
A wish to become a boxing champ
Becker returns to his Nazi camp

The twilight zone
Take my hand and we’re off to see it want to feel it
The twilight zone

The twilight zone
Take my hand and we’re off to see it want to feel it
The twilight zone

Death outside don’t open the door
Time machine tank at the Indian war
Maya is down and dirty in all my dreams
Little alien men filling up her screams
A peddler that has just what I need
The Hitch-Hiker that will find you indeed
Falling in love with a robot lass
Grady a jockey is truly low class

Eva and Brian on the phone again
Car salesman lies are held within
Four to wear masks to find identity
Nuclear war to read in serenity

These are part of the horror and fear
That man can imagine and make appear
What lies ahead is truly unknown
Can’t wait to see you in the Twilight Zone